Abominable Snowman model

This project is nothing like my previous ones, this is a single scene and not the full attraction. I also used lots of new materials and construction methods. This is also my first model to use lighting in it.


The Matterhorn Bobsleds went under a refurbishment this past spring and when it reopened, it featured a new, much more menacing Abdominal Snowman. The figures were fabricated by Garner Holt Productions and the figures replaced the ones added in the mountain in 1978.

My  model was built on a small wooden base and is covered in a grid of twelve foam blocks. The interior caverns were sculpted and reprofiled multiple times to get the correct shapes. I then painted the foam in a base coat of white paint. After that dried, I mixed white and blue paint and white and green paints to give the ice it’s majestic tones. A glossy coat was added on top of that. A white putty was placed and sculpted to simulate snow and more gloss was added over to give the illusion the snow is melting.

The figure was sculpted from clay, on a wireframe structure, then baked in the oven. The face was painted and the fur was glued on. Next, I installed the figure and glued his hands in.









The lighting makes a huge difference and I’d love to thank my friend Adam Hill for the suggestion and help in designing this model.



I plan on using some new tools and materials in my model of Halloween: Michael Myers Comes Home maze from Halloween Horror Nights. I gained lots of experience from my Matterhorn model and hope you enjoyed taking a peek at it.


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