Apple Campus 2

AC2 graphic-01With the construction of Apple’s new campus winding down, I thought it would be fun to make a small model of the new headquarters.

To get a perfect circular shape for the spaceship-looking office building, some laser cutting was needed. I created the simple graphics in Adobe Illustrator and sent them to Ponoko for cutting. Ponoko is the laser cutting counterpart of Shapeways or Spoonflower.

IMG_5162I had the glass windows cut out of clear acrylic. The white fins that separate each floor are cut from styrene at a slighter larger diameter so they will hang off the building. I also had some other buildings like the parking garages, the R&D building and lobby for the under ground auditorium cut in a similar fashion. Cutting all these parts by hand would have been a huge headache and a ton of frustration.IMG_5171 After about a week, the laser cut material arrived and it was time to start peeling the protective paper off. I made a simple wood frame to hold the foam base in place, and then added grass on the foam’s surface. IMG_5245IMG_5200 After some checking to make sure everything alines correctly, it was time to start landscaping. Small trees were added, I had to use tweezers because of the small scale. After the bulk of the landscaping was done, I began to create the road ways out of styrene strips. I built the neighboring apartment complex, but decided not to detail them too much, as the Apple facilities are the focus in this model. IMG_5247IMG_5250 IMG_5625IMG_5642 Next, I began painting the styrene that was laser cut, only a few buildings needed painting. The main building’s styrene fins are actually white in the real project, so painting was not necessary. IMG_5703IMG_7074 IMG_7142Once the painting was completed, it was time to glue the parts together and then attach them to the foam base.IMG_7148IMG_7151 Some small touch ups, additional landscaping and the model is complete! IMG_7152IMG_7173


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