Then & Now- Ghost Town

GhostTown Then+Now copy In Part 1 of a series, take a look at some of the changes to Ghost Town from over the years. 

GHOST TOWN 7GHOST TOWN 6 GHOST TOWN 8GHOST TOWN 3 GHOST TOWN 4GHOST TOWN 5The original entrance to Ghost Town, before the park had a gate admission. This area is now storage for stroller rentals. The wisteria vine on the arbor is over 70 years old. 

GHOST TOWN 9GHOST TOWN 10The mine shaft entrance to the Pan for Gold attraction is now used for GhostRider’s entrance. The Pan for Gold attraction returned to it’s original location this past summer.


The building to the left in front of the red barn was removed to create a pathway that leads to the Mystery Lodge and Bigfoot Rapids attractions. Notice the trim on the porch on the right maintains the same style.GHOST TOWN 1 GHOST TOWN 12GHOST TOWN 2 IMG_4950Special thanks to Eric Lynxwiler for historical photographs. The ‘Now’ shots were taken in June 2016. 



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