Disneyland Railroad Model [Part 2]

Back in May I shared how to create the benchwork, rockwork, and the river. Part 2 will show you how to add trees, track and the final details.

To create waterfalls, use Woodland Scenics Realistic Water Effects. Squeeze it out of the tube on some wax paper and use toothpicks to form the ripples like a waterfall. Once it’s dry, attach it to the model with some more Realistic Water Effects and dry brush on some white paint to simulate air bubbles.




You can see some of the pieces that will make up the bridge before they were glued.



For the train track, I used some Atlas Super-Flex Track. You can bend this track to fit the twist and turns in your model. I used some small nails and hammered them down the wood benchwork hidden by the foam.


Next, you spray Woodland Scenics Scenic Spray over the track and sprinkle ballast on it and between the ties. I then sprayed another coat of Scenic Spray to make sure it was stuck together. I dry brushed some different colors of brown paint on the tires and ballast in the middle of the track to give the look that this section of the railroad has been in use for some time.



I used Cool Shade and Forever Green on the model. When it was time to install them, I used Scenic Glue and held them in place for a few minutes. I also decided to add a small pilling retaining wall. I slide the strips of wood into the foam and then cut it out.


IMG_4041 IMG_4050

The longest step in the whole model was cutting the wood trim that covers up the exposed foam and benchwork. Each side was cut very carefully on the bandsaw. The last step is to add the train! I have a model of Walt’s Lilly Belle from his Carolwood Pacific Railroad. The Lilly Belle and the C.K. Holliday are both 4-4-0 style locomotive, so the Lilly Belle model would fit in. I decided to buy a small Excursion passenger car, like the ones used at Disneyland. Maybe I could add some HO scale guests riding the train…

IMG_5209 IMG_4150

IMG_6440  IMG_6434

IMG_6441 IMG_6435

IMG_6438 IMG_6436


Isn’t that bobber caboose the best?! 


My model proudly sits under a 1962 map of Disneyland, signed by Sam McKim.


And take a look at this beauty, an unused 1955 pass from the Carolwood Pacific, the railroad stopped operation in 1953. 

So there you have it, my largest model so far and a little sneak peak at what might be in store for the Disneyland Railroad when it reopens next summer.


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