Courthouse Square Mall model

October 21, 2015. That’s the day Doc and Marty went into the future in Back To The Future Part II. The famous Courthouse was remodeled into a mall and Griff and his gang crash through a glass facade during their hoverboard chase with Marty McFly.

The model was first designed digitally. The left side was built then I cloned the image and reversed it and cropped the two together.



I printed out a few copies of the facade. Sections were cut apart and layered on the cardboard frame. The columns were also digitally made, then rolled onto wooden rods. The small lightening rod was made from metal wiring.




I proudly display this small model with my fleet of DeLorean time machines.


And it also goes well with a bottle of Pepsi Perfect.


This year I have branched out into making more figures or models that are not just ride models. I am currently making a model of the newly refurbished Abominable Snowman scene from the Matterhorn at Disneyland. For updates on my latest projects, follow me on Twitter and Facebook.


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