Knott’s Berry Farm unveils mazes and experiences for Haunt

Knott’s announced their plans for Knott’s Scary Farm this evening. Last year Elvira came back to the farm and she is also returning this year. She is going to host her show in the Ghoul Time Theater.


The famous show, “The Hanging” will be returning along with four scare zones, CarnEvil, Gypsy Camp, Ghost Town Streets and Fiesta de los Muertos. Knott’s also confirmed that Black Magic, Forevermore, Gunslinger’s Grave, Dominion of the Damned, Trick or Treat, and Pinocchio Unstrung will be returning. Every maze will include the Skeleton Key which is a part of the Fright Lane front of the line pass. You get to experience a special scene within the maze and it adds more story and fright to your experience. End Games, Delirium, Slaughterhouse and Mirror Mirror will not be returning. VooDoo is one of the new mazes announced for this year and is from Brooke Walters, one of the creative designers for Scary Farm. This maze takes you deep into the bayou and gives guest the option to go through different paths and feature a different story than the other.

Voodoo_Man_Brighter The next maze they announced is The Toothfairy. It is a new maze from Daniel Miller, designer of a personal favorite, Black Magic. This maze came to conception while Daniel was at the dentist and heard the drills buzzing. This maze is going to use a lot of projection mapping, which excites me to see technology being used in mazes. Both of these mazes have a lot of potential.

TheToothFairy_Butcher_HeaderAnother new addition this year is Trapped: Lock and Key. The Trapped maze is an upcharged, and only you and five friends go in at a time. This time they plan to make it very scary, much contrast to the past, and will make you find your way out. Also announced was Special Ops: Infected. You will become a solider to help save the world and shoot zombies. This is not an up charge and is included with admission. This experience will take place throughout Camp Snoopy.


Also, for the first time ever, there are Knott’s Scary Farm Season Passes. This pass is only for Knott’s Berry Farm passholders and has no blackout dates, all for $65! Only a limited amounts are being sold, so get yours now.



You can also get tickets to Scary Farm right now at Knott’s Scary Farm takes place select nights September 25 to November 1. I can’t wait to see Elvira, the three new mazes and Special Ops: Infected. I hope you decided to come to Knott’s Scary Farm this year, because it looks like it will be a great one!


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