Calico Mine Ride video

The classic ride at Knott’s Berry Farm opened in 1960. The ride was designed and built by theme park legend Bud Hurlbut, who later built the Timber Mountain Log Ride.  The ride will be closing on January 5, 2014 for a multi-month refurbishment. The fantastic folks at Garner Holt Productions will be doing a major refurbishment to this theme park classic. They ride will maintain the premise of journeying into the Calico Mine. It will feature Audio  Animatronics that are very similar to the ones in the refurbished Log Ride. The Calico Mine Ride will reopen in the summer of 2014. Knott’s will also improve the Camp Snoopy themed area of the park next year. This is  fantastic move as Knott’s Berry Farm transforms back into a family park. Here is a video of the Calico Mine Ride I filmed last month.

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