Disaster Transport

Disaster Transport opened on May 11,1985 as the Avalanche Run.  The newly built bobsled style coaster from Intamin was outside and cost $3,400,000.  With the ride being outside,  sand from the nearby beach flew into the track.  In 1990 Cedar Point enclosed the ride and themed it to a mission from an orbital factory to a base in Alaska.  The enclosing cost $4,000,000.  They added three indoor queue rooms and painted the walls using 3D paint. The ride was closed with a fundraiser event on July 29, 2012.  The adjacent Space Spiral closed Labor Day weekend and both were demolished shortly after their closing.  If you know what will replace this couple, leave a comment.  We’ll even pick a winner and the winner will get a prize!!!!858668_305932282862355_1836550914_o 222673_305932286195688_1894698479_n 536132_305932412862342_1907987012_n 405758_305932409529009_261706533_n 480160_305932416195675_552460504_n 405758_305932419529008_1151522527_n

Thanks for reading the Kolby Konnection.  We plan on having blueprints up next week!!! Please share with your friends, like us on Facebook and email us at kolbykonnection@gmail.com.  Have a thrilling week!!!!


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