Outlaw Run

Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City opened on March 15, 2013. It is the only inverting wood coaster with a wood frame!  It flips riders upside down 3 times.  After the 107 foot lift and 162 foot drop at 81 degrees, the train will enter a 158 degree outside banked turn.  After a low curve, the train will rise up through the lift and drop into a 90 degree banked turn.  The train will glide through two small airtime filled hills and reach the double barrel roll.  The guest will then enter the break run and exit at the station.  This 1 minute, 27 second ride was built by Rocky Mountain Construction (folks behind the Iron Rattler and New Texas Giant) at the cost of $10 million.  This ride uses wood track and a wood structure.  The top two layers of wood were replaced with topper track.  Does this small strip of steel make it a steel coaster or is it a wood coaster?  Let me know what you think in the comments below.layout_NEW_thumbnail_03598464_310905052365078_10714509_n556014_310905055698411_608995072_n 379173_310905059031744_505845711_n 602000_310905049031745_981717991_n 69591_310905159031734_1094823428_n 72915_310905062365077_1561833290_n

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