Fast & Furious- Supercharged model

Universal Studios Hollywood recently opened their brand-new finale to the Studio Tour, Fast and Furious- Supercharged. The attraction is housed in a massive show building, able to hold three trams for the Studio Tour. The ending for the experience takes place in a large wrap around screen immersing the tram in the action.DSC_0773

My model was started a few days after the attraction opened. I used wood for the base of this model, instead of cardboard. The media content in the main scene was cropped and warped out from an on-ride video. The facade was created digitally, along with the cargo containers at the end, as well as the tram vehicles.




The tram exiting on the side of the building is used if the attraction breaks down and the vehicle drives around the other, back to the entrance. 




The small building on the right side of the show building is the bolier room for the fog effects, the white tank is for the liquid nitrogen, also used for the fog effect. 








The large rooms above the screens and tram roadway are the projection rooms housing 18 projectors with a 4K resolution. 



You can see part of the massive show action equipment that moves the flying screen out of the reach envelope.





I hope you enjoyed this model and please share it online. If you want to see my model of Big Thunder Mountain in person, come to the D23 Expo and see it for yourself.

One thought on “Fast & Furious- Supercharged model

  1. Hi Kolby! The Fast & Furious project team loves your model and the attention to detail!! We are in awe of your skills and hope you enjoy the attraction as much as we do. Keep up the great work and we might be seeing you working on a project in the future. We would like to send you some project momentos, please email me your info.

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