Knott’s Boardwalk Expansion model

Here is a model of the amazing boardwalk at Knott’s Berry Farm. You can read my review here.

I used pipe cleaners to make the roller coaster, Coast Rider. I also got plastic mesh and used it for the fence. The façades were very easy to make. Knott’s released the plans for them and I scaled them down. I placed them on card-stock buildings. I used card stock because it’s easy to cut, bend, and paint. I also used dental floss for the string lights. I used green construction paper to make the palm fronds. I cut skewers to make the trunks of the trees. The flat rides were made from card stock also. I cut the parts out and then painted them. The last thing I did is I assembled and attached the flat rides.





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One thought on “Knott’s Boardwalk Expansion model

  1. Great job Kolby! Your models are getting better and better. This one is amazing. So glad to see you using color. Makes a big difference.

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