Timber Mountain Log Ride

Yesterday I was on the newly refurbished Timber Mountain Log Ride at Knott’s Berry Farm. If you don’t want any spoilers, then go away now! They added new animatronics and sets. The new figures were built by the masters at Garner Holt Productions. They are now the folks behind the animatronics at Disney and many other companies. I was the first person on it yesterday, and had my own log and I’ll never forget it! All I said the whole ride was “oh my god.” The ride was incredible. There isn’t a deep story, but has interconnecting events. Cedar Fair spent $5 million dollars for this mega refurbishment and is well spent.

This is part of the first scene.

In here they pump in a pine tree fragrance!

Outdoor animatronics!!!

This scene is at the bottom of the first drop. You can see how the caverns in Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland inspired it.

20130603-154359.jpgAfter the caverns, we enter this segment.

20130603-155318.jpgAfter the wolf we see this scene.

This bear was amazing!

This scene is incredible! 20130603-155059.jpg



This man’s hose sprays water and stops right before you would get wet.


Fire in the hole!!!



Did I like it?
YES!!!! This is THE ride of the summer! Congratulations to Knott’s for caring about this legendary ride and to Garner Holt Productions for their fantastic work! This is Knott’s summer to shine. I personally think the refurbished log ride is a better addition than the Boardwalk Expansion. Thanks to MiceChat for letting me use their pictures. I’ll be taking two weeks off and will return on June 22. You like us on Facebook and email us at kolbykonnection@gmail.com. Please share this article with you friends on Facebook by clicking on the button below. Also subscribe to us on YouTube for videos. Do you think the Calico Mine Ride should be refurbished in the same style as the Log Ride?


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