Log Jammer

The Log Jammer opened on May 29, 1971 at Six Flags Magic Mountain.  The attraction was built by Arrow Dynamics.  Arrow also built the Gold Rusher mine coaster that interacted with the flume attraction.  The Log Jammer was located in the High Sierra Territory area of the park.  This “land” also houses the Mooseburger Lodge restaurant.  On April 5, 2006 the upper section of the ride was slightly damaged from a fork lift that hit electrical equipment working on Tatsu.  Sadly on on October 31, 2011 the Log Jammer closed forever without much fanfare.  Over the next few months they removed the old Metro station, flume, and many trees.  In late February they started to move the dirt mound which was to the right of the Jog Jammer station.  In March they placed an ad for the Three Stooges film.  In October the queue was used for the Blackout maze for Fright Fest.  In November they moved a lot of dirt for the crane to lay track for Full Throttle (the replacement to the Log Jammer).  In this time they also closed of the Palace Arcade, WB Kids Club, What The Fried, some small shops, and a  lemonade stand.  The Log Jammer station will stay to the theme of the High Sierra Territory.  Sadly ,I think they could of kept the Log Jammer opened for a few more months. 

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