Bunea Vista Street

Buena Vista Street opened on June 15, 2012 as the new entrance to California Adventure.  This replaced the former Sunshine Plaza that was themed to a postcard.  It was suppose to look as if you were walking into that postcard.  There is the Red Car trolley that takes guest to the Hollywood Tower Hotel.  The entrance was originally named Walt Disney Plaza and the Carthay Circle Theater was going to be home to the west coast version of “The Walt Disney Story.”  The building is now home to “Club 1901” and the “Carthay Circle Restaurant.”  The new  turnstiles were pushed out about 15 feet to the north.  Once the Pan Pacific Auditorium inspired gates were finished, they demolished the old turnstiles.  In August 2011 they redirected guest through a backstage route so construction could start on the new land.

On to the model!!!!!


This was my 3rd model constructed.

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