Rainbow Ridge Part 2

If you didn’t read the first article about Rainbow Ridge, you can see it here.  In the final article about the cutest minding town in the west, we look back to its roots. The Rainbow Caverns Mine Train opened on July 2, 1956.  The attraction shared space with the Pack Mules, Stagecoach, and the Conestoga … More Rainbow Ridge Part 2

Rainbow Ridge Part 1

Rainbow Ridge was built in the mid 1950’s for the Mine Train through Nature’s Wonderland. The town was located on a large hill in front of the boarding area for the attraction.  The town also extended to the left in front of the Pack Mule attraction. The red shows the site of the old Rainbow … More Rainbow Ridge Part 1

Market House and Disneyana

Located on 122 Main Street, general store is the place for Disneyland’s coffee refills.  The nearby Disneyana shop, for all your art needs, will sadly celebrate their last day on Sunday. They will move most of the Disneyana merchandise the The Disney Gallery.  They will also be adding a new exhibit about the Tiki Room, which is celebrating 50 years.  The Market … More Market House and Disneyana