Sector 2 Security

Disney released some new Star Tours action figures. They made two sets for the attraction’s reopening two years ago. I had purchased both as I’m a Huge Star Wars fan. A few months ago Disney announced they would make two more Star Tours action figures. The “Search for the Rebel Spy” set includes a Seeker Droid, Sky Trooper, and a Signal Droid. The “Sector 2 Security” set includes C-3PO, a G2 Droid, and a RX Droid. Today I’ll talk about the latter. I purchased that set on Sunday. The C-3PO figure is the same that Lucasfilm has been using for a long time. However, he did look a bit shinier.


The G2 droids are seen in the second queue room on Star Tours. They sold G2-9T and G2-4T toys during the early 2000’s. This figure is a totally new cast and design. The arms, legs, body, and head are articulated.



Last but not least, there is Captain Rex. This is the same pilot from the first Star Tours. Remember, the new version of the attraction is a prequel to the original. They have three red RX droids in the queue and repeat phrases from the old ride. Disney stated this figure is a new design, but comparing it to the old RX-24 toy, they are the same thing. Only the paint has changed. The three arms on him can spin and the four “layers” also spin.



20130708-205250.jpg Priced at $34.99 this is a pricey toy, but if you are a huge Star Wars fan they are must needs!
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